Haukilahden Helmi

The beautiful restaurant building of Espoon Merenkävijät sailing club was renamed Haukilahden Helmi, ‘The Pearl of Haukilahti’, because that is exactly what it is.

Work with us!

We’re looking for experienced kitchen and waiting staff.
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Helmi is now wearing her winter coat.
The soft light of the candles creates a cozy atmosphere as darkness falls early outside.
 Come as you are – if you’re hungry, thirsty, we’ll fix it.
You are welcome to Helmi to enjoy a small treat or two. Maybe a glass of wine or mulled wine. Alone or with friends  maybe to enjoy a full scale dinner
We have the space and know-how for your family or company to enjoy an unforgettable evening. Regardless of whether it is a light coffee break or a full dinner party.
Our menu always follows what the season has to offer.
Now, when the snow falls or the rain pours down, the glasses are often filled with something comforting and the food is slightly moreu robust than in the summer
You are always welcome to Helmi!

Sikke Sumari

A la carte available on weekdays after lunch, starting at 3 PM, and all day on weekends





Antipasti for two 26€ (l)

Chorizo, prosciutto, salami, olives, sun dried tomatoes and crispy bread


Cheese selection for two 26€ (l)

Gruyére, Brie, Peltola Blue, crispy bread and honey comb





Salmon carpaccio 17€ (l,g)

Cured salmon, toasted pinenuts, marinated fennel and horseradish mayonnaise


Tartare 17€ (l,g)

Finnish beef, sesame sauce, egg yolk and crispy capers


Lobster roll 16€ (l)

Lobster, Asian coleslaw and horseradish mayonnaise in a brioche bun


Lobster bisque 15€ (l,g)

Delicious lobster soup


Helmi’s toast Skagen 17€ (l)

Skagen made with hand peeled prawns on a sweet rye bread

(available gluten-free)


Caprese 14€ (l,g)

(available vegan)

Sun dried tomatoes, burrata and fresh basil


Crispy calamari rings 9€

Habanero mayonnaise


Smoked shrimp 14€ (l,g)






Caesar 14€ (l)

Romaine salad, caesar sauce, parmesan cheese and croutons

Grilled chicken or prawns added +7€


Gruyére 17€ (l,g)

Fresh lettuce, Gruyére, sweet peas, marinated fennel, red onion, toasted pinenuts, honey comb and sesame sauce

Grilled chicken or prawns added +7€





Surf & Turf 42€ (l,g)

Entrecôte, prawns, Café de Paris butter, green asparagus, crispy French fries


Grilled chicken breast 24€ (l,g)

Sesam sauce, Asian coleslaw, crispy French fries


Pasta all’aragosta 23€ (l)

Spaghetti, tomato-lobster sauce and prawns


Pasta gremolata 19€ (l)

(vegan friendly)

Spaghetti, green asparagus, toasted pinenuts


White fish 29€ (l,g)

Grilled lemon, potato puré, hollandaise seasoned with horseradish


Helmi’s salmon soup 19€ (l)

(available gluten-free)

Sweet rye bread and Västerbotten’s cheese




(all available gluten-free)


Cheese burger 24€ (l)

Finnish 180g burger patty, matured cheddar, lettuce, remoulade and crispy fries


Chicken burger 24€ (l)

Grilled chicken, matured cheddar, lettuce, sesam sauce and cripsy fries


Veggie burger 24€ (l)

(available vegan)

Deep-fried chickpea patty, Asian coleslaw, habanero mayonnaise and crispy fries





Lime posset 10€ (l)

(available gluten-free)

Almond touille


Warm apple pie 14€ (l)

Vanilla custard


Nutella brownie 14€ (g)

White chocolate ice-cream and toasted chocolate


Ice-cream/Sorbet 6€

Ask our staff for more information

Sparkling wines

120 ml / bottle


120 ml / bottle

White wines

160 ml / bottle


160 ml / bottle


Red wines

160 ml / bottle

Dessert wines

80 ml


Helmi's lunch available every weekday, 11-15


includes salad, soup, warm main dish and

coffee/tea at the buffet


During lunch time we also serve daily picked a la carte dishes. More information from our staff.

Monday 22.5.

Fresh sausage soup L,G

Ground beef patties in a creamy pepper sauce L,G

Falafel with tzatziki L,G


Tuesday 23.5.

Soup of roasted eggplant L,G

Blue cheese gratinated chicken pasta L

Falafel with tzatziki L,G


Wednesday 24.5.

Creamy mushroom soup L,G

Roast beef L,G

Melanzane L,G


Thursday 25.5.

Cauliflower soup L,G

Spicy chicken curry L,G

Melanzane L,G


Friday 26.5.

Tomato-lentil soup L,G

Braised pork, rosemary sauce L,G

Melanzane L,G